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Introducing: Las Vegas, Reiki Energy Work, Life Coaching, Past Life Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Metaphysical Training, Psychic Readings

Many Tools, One Goal - Improving Lives!

Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Psychic Reader in Las Vegas, Nevada.

First off, Welcome. My name is David. I'm a Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression Therapist, Hypnotherapist, & Psychic Reader. I've been helping people all of my life to better their own in one way or another. I'm blessed with a healing touch, and I enjoy helping others to relax, reduce stress, and relieve pain in all areas of their life; mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional.

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What to Expect During a Reiki Session

Dressing The Part (What To Wear)  |  Setting The Mood (How to Prepare)  |  Expectations (During The Session)  |  Taking The Time (After The Session)  |  Frequency (Maintaining Sessions)  |  Reiki Treatment Overview

Dressing The Part (What To Wear)

It is highly suggested to dress in simple, loose-fitting clothing.

Anything that you're comfortable in is acceptable, but sweats, soft pants, or shorts and a T-shirt work best.

Any footwear should be removed.

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Setting The Mood (How to Prepare)

To receive the full Reiki experience, and to facilitate "letting go" into a meditative, relaxed state... a quiet, safe place is required. Any distractions such as ringing telephones or pagers should be eliminated; as should other interruptions. The practitioner will ask you to turn off your cell phones and pagers as well.

It's suggested to eat something light and to use the restroom before you start.

Every effort is made to ensure a relaxing and spiritually enriching experience.

You'll receive your Reiki treatment while on a massage table with incense burning soothed by soft music.

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Expectations (During The Session)

Before the treatment begins we will go over your background, sensations you may experience, confidentiality, and answer any questions you may have.

During the session, the client will often feel heat, tingling, or both where the practitioner's hands are placed. Other sensations that may be experienced include colors, images, feelings of floating, or emotional releases.

Whatever happens during a session is exactly what is meant to happen and a part of the process of Reiki.

Whatever your personal experience is, rest assured that you are receiving the healing that is right for you. We are all different, and each experience will be different.

The practitioner's touch is always gentle, light, and usually motionless, except when changing hand positions; there is no massage or body manipulation.

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Taking The Time (After The Session)

A typical Reiki session lasts anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours; depending on your needs... so, you'll want to allow time in your schedule to insure a comfortable transition from the Reiki experience back to your normal state of being.

Typically, you'll emerge from a Reiki treatment feeling deeply relaxed, with a sense of well being and inner peace.

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Frequency (Maintaining Sessions)

Typically, 4-6 sessions are suggested to experience the full healing process. After which, clients may wish to continue sessions for relaxation and stress relief as needed.

It's suggested to maintain a regular schedule of Reiki sessions about once a week if possible. Once your body has adjusted, you can cut back to about once a month or as needed to maintain the ongoing benefits.

Ultimately, the frequency of sessions or how often you come in is up to you. You are the best judge of what you need.

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Reiki Treatment Overview

  • A Reiki treatment involves a Reiki practitioner gently placing their hands on the client's body in a passive manner.
  • The positions of the practitioner's hands will be changed approximately every five minutes across the client's body.
  • The usual duration of a treatment is typically an hour or two depending on what work needs to be done during that session.
  • Reiki is not a form of a massage as the hands remain still while in contact with the patient's body.
  • The treatment will be given in a safe, quiet environment while lying on a massage table.
  • For your own comfort loose clothing is preferred.
  • During a Reiki treatment clients enter a very deep state of relaxation.
  • A 1-hour Reiki treatment is the physiological equivalent of 3-4 hours sleep, making it one of the most advanced, natural stress reduction therapies available.
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